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Voit UDT Swimfins



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The most highly acclaimed and coveted swim fin since its inception is back. The molds have been returned to American soil and the VOIT UDT Duck Feet are now made in Malaysia by people who understand not only fin design and function, but by people who value the responsibility of inheriting, improving, protecting, and perpetuating the tradition of greatness that this product is known for. UDT Duck Feet always have been strongly preferred by U.S. Navy SEAL's Underwater Demolition Teams, big wave bodysurfers, kneeboarders, scuba divers, skin divers and professionals in the lifesaving community, and with their re-release have quickly become the most sought-after swimfin to be included in the water athletes product arsenal.


  • New rubber durometer values and loading patterns result in a fin with a plethora of advantages and enhanced attributes
  • Twisting action of the fin "releases" water by loading one side of the fin. The resulting lateral force component increases maneuverability and stability, as seen in aquatic organisms
  • Foot pocket and blade made of similar material, yet the outer ribs are relatively rigid. This guarantees an inflection point distally removed from the foot. The result is that all of your power gets transferred to this distal inflection point, creating more forward thrust than conventionally stiff fins of the past.
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