HYDRO TRAINING FINZ swim swimming flippers
  • HYDRO TRAINING FINZ swim swimming flippers


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Claimed by many top swimmers as the 'Worlds BEST Training Fins'.

Hydro Training Finz are soft and comfortable, and guarantee to maintain their shape and longevity. The grater blade width and V channel edge provide powerful performance allowing the swimmer to easily achieve the 'high in the water' race position to improve stroke and breathing technique.

This unique. patented feature produces even thrust in both directions of kick. The PATENTED V channel edge creates a 'grip' on the water maximizes kick drill results and emphasizing development of back of the leg muscles. The center of effort remains at the foot ensuring the dynamic of the kick is not changed during training. Value training finz are built to last.

Initially, fitness and competitive swimmers were using long fins as training aids. Because the center of effort is forward of the foot, this may cause early fatigue or cramping and encourage a "pedaling" kicking motion, different than that used in a flutter kick. The concept of the short fin was conceived to bring the center of effort back to the foot, and increase leg strength and "muscle memory" while maintaining an elevated heart rate with a kicking motion specific to the flutter kick. Many of the training fins in use today are simply a standard dive fin that has been cut off, leaving a stiff, inflexible blade. Here are the features and advantages of the Hydro's Training Fins:

  • The V channel edge and greater blade width add back the surface area and resistance lost in shortening the fin, while keeping the center of effort close to the foot.
  • The rubber composition is of the highest quality material and is soft, flexible, and comfortable. The colors are permanent and will not mar decks or pool surfaces.
  • The patented V channel provides even thrust in both directions. The V channel also creates a noticeable "grip" on the water maximizing kick drills results.
  • The foot pocket design allows minimal protrusion of the toes. We have had no failures reported at the toe pocket or heel in two and a half years of team use.

NOTE: Fin colors are subject to change at the manufacturer's discretion.
Fin sizes are in men's sizes

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