Gath Surf Hat Original Surf Helmet
  • Gath Surf Hat Original Surf Helmet
  • gath original sport hat helmet
  • gath original sport hat helmet

Gath Sport Hat Original Surf Helmet

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The Gath Sport Hat (SH) helmet, formerly known as the Pro Surf, features foam forehead protection, adjustable audio vents, and fine tuning fit options. Long favored for its simplicity, low volume, excellent head and ear coverage, it is the favorite of many surfers and other watersports enthusiasts who prefer it over the Surf Convertible and Gedi Convertible models. Sky divers also appreciate the low volume, aerodynamic shape and the altimeter bracket option. Weight: 325-350g.

Correct fit is critical. It needs to fit snugly around the head and ears, tight enough not to move around, yet still be comfortable. Have someone else measure around your head at forehead level using a cloth tape measure; a metal tape measure will not give an accurate measurement. In general, front-to-rear stability is more important than side-to-side.

The comfort strip fitting system is very versatile. Be creative with different padding combinations and configurations to customize the fit to your head shape. Some customers even lift the internal liner flaps and put segments of comfort strips underneath, using the self-adhesive back to stick them to the shell.

Choose from a selection of high-quality painted colors or a black "rubber" coating finish.

Gath 3-year Warranty

Gath products are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for three years from the date of purchase, provided they are used as intended and the care instructions are strictly followed. This warranty does not cover scratches to the Gath or the effects of overexposure to heat.

"Feels great, comfy, warm and already saved me a bump on the side of my head!"